The singer Juan Santamaria was born in Ayamonte, Huelva.   It was the singer Amalia Rodrigues who discovered him and was astonished at his voice and talent and encouraged and supported him to make an artistic career.

He began his musical career in Portugal, debuting at Oporto Coliseum with a repertoire of popular fado song. The first Portuguese interpreter not to confront the purest folklore of Portugal gaining public recognition.

He has performed in prestigious halls of the neighbouring country, as well as acting in different programmes on radio and Portuguese television.   In Spain he has also performed in all regions, giving recitals in Houses of Culture, theatres and outdoor spaces.   He completed the ten years of his career with a tour of the Iberian Peninsula, concluding at the Cathedral of the Seville with a great concert by the band The Cigar presided over by the Cardinal of this city.   This concert was repeated in 2008 with a large audience and rave reviews from the press and public.

During the celebrationof the Universal Exhibition in Ssaragoza he acted in the Hall of Aragon to mark the Day of Portugal.

He has sung with artists like Dulce Pontes, Teresa Salgueiro (Madredeus) and Rao Kyao.   Celeste Rodrigues, Frei Hermano da Camera, Maria Bethania and other important artists of fado and world music.


In 1999 he was invited by the assembly of the Portuguese Replublic to sind in the transfer of the remains of Amalia Rodrigues of Portugal to the National Pantheon.

In 2000 he presented a CD entitled "Juan Ramon Jiminez in Fado" which was sung for the first time as a poet of the Spanish language in fado.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution he presented a new album dedicated to Jose Saramago and Juan Ramon Jimenex "Feitico Iberico" whihc was released in Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.

In 2006, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in Litereature Juan Ramon Jimemez, singer Juan Santamaria made an anthology ofpoems on a new album entitled "Fado, love and passion".

In 2011 premiered the show "Fado and songs" as a tribute to Carlos Cano, giving a tour of Spain, Portugal and the USA with great success from the public and the press.   This album was recorded with the choir of Julio Pardo de Cadiz, the Orchestra del Alcor Seville and muscians of Amalia Rodrigues.

In 2012 he recorded with other artists of Andalusia an album of Christmas songs whihc included the song "I love Granada".

At this time his artistic work focuses on his latest album "Songs that come and go", a tribute to Carlos Cano.

This tour lasted more than three years with great success with audiences and critics, and it's leading muscians with Julia Pardo de Cadiz, plus muscians Amalia Rodrigues.